Welcome to jenia.org
jenia.org is an open source projects container officially born in Italy at 1 july 2005.
Projects contained are basically :
pure javaby now there are only java projects
high qualitymain goal of each project is an high quality level
easy to useas simple as possibile is our slogan
Each project is released under the Version 2.0 Apache License.
Only one project is available by now, but if you have a fantasy ... we can talk about it.
04 June 2009
jenia4faces 1.2.3 is available for download.
New release is totally reviewed for a better ajax support.
Template family has major updates, now it use prototype.js.
17 October 2008
The release 1.2.2 of jenia4faces is available for download.
New release was reviewed for support of jsf 1.2, but also the release for jsf 1.1 is available.
From now jsf 1.1 is no more supported, we will maintain only jsf 1.2.
1 August 2007
jsf 1.2 work in progress

We are working to next release of jenia4faces (1.2.2), main goal of this release is to have jsf 1.2 compatibility (this requires j2se 1.5).
By now (and for a few time) we will maintain both jsf version, but in the future we will discourage use of jsf 1.1.
We created a branch in our cvs repository to correct bug fix and add important features (branch name is before_jsf_1_2_branch).
From now the HEAD will contain jsf 1.2 sources, the branch before_jsf_1_2_branch will contain jsf 1.1 sources
19 February 2007
Today a new family is born! Keep together the power of faces and the capability of google with foogle component family.
23 October 2006
We removed all dependencies from Myfaces and sun-ri.
jenia4faces is an html JavaServer Faces component library.
The library is composed of many component family, you can choose to install all family as a unique library (one jar) or you can install only interesting families (one jar per family).
All families are developed only with html renderkit, other types of rendering are not yet planned.
Families available are :
Chartdynamic chart generation
DataToolsDataTable extension tools
Dynamicdhtml text effects
Foogleintegrate google ajax search api
Popupcomponents to render html popups
Templateeasy template manager